Resetting the TPMS using Steering Wheel Buttons

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I received an email asking about resetting TPMS on NCV3s with Steering Wheel Buttons.

Even though I do it twice a year (or so), I always forget the secret sauce and apparently, it's been challenging for others too. I've decided - today - to do it and document it.

Unfortunately, my camera's not available to me, but my Sprinter is.... This is what worked.

In a nutshell, the main screen has to be in one of two states:

1) displaying the Tire Pressure, or
2) it has to be whining at you about the current pressure

Once one of those conditions is true:

  • You press and hold "0" for five seconds.
  • You tap the + button on the steering wheel.

The longer explanation:

This is what I do.
Once one of those display-something-about-tire-pressure conditions is true, I press and hold the little reset button for not less than 5 seconds. Which button is that? It's the button with a circle on it ("0") identified as the number "5" on the instrument cluster documentation in the owners manual.... left side (NAFTA) of the bezel, lower corner.

Once 5 seconds has passed, I release the button and the display changes to a prompt, "Monitor current tire pressure? hit "+" button" (or something similar).

This is the confusing part. The operator is told to hit the "+" button. It doesn't mention which one. There are two.

At this point, you hit the steering wheel button with the "+" sign on it, NOT the plus sign on the far end of the bezel.

To be clear, you hit the steering wheel switch labeled "2" in the owners manual.... you do not hit the + sign labeled 11 in the owners manual instrument cluster map.

Here are the pictures in the 2007 owners manual, with a summary.

First call up the tire pressure display or wait for the warning.

Then press and hold "5" for five seconds or more. Then release "5"


You should have a prompt to monitor the current pressure on the biggest digital display in the instrument cluster (number 9 on the instrument cluster map).

Next, hit the plus sign ("+") on steering wheel button number two (2) as seen below.

You should see an informational prompt that says, "Tire pressure monitoring system reactivated."

This is unfortunate wording. What it means: "I'm watching the current pressure and I'll scream if it changes too much."

I think it should say, "TPMS reset."

Can someone try this and let me know if I got it right?


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