No reverse lights, license plate lights, or left indicator


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As the title says, the reverse, license plate, and left (back) indicator stopped working. The front left indicator still works. All these lights stopped working at exactly the same time.

Light bulbs are all fine, so it’s an electrical issue.

Scanning in a shop showed that the van believes the error is a short to body.

Unfortunately my van is fully converted and there is no easy access to the cabling anywhere, so I’d like to minimise the number of places I need to check. At first I thought it had to be a screw that touched the wires, but I’ve followed their path and can’t see any screw close to them.

Where is the most likely place/places that I should check to fix this problem? I imagine somewhere in the back doors these three lights must have a point in common so if anyone knows that would be super helpful!

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Carefully check each and every fuse under the steering column and under the driver seat. A flashlight or meter may be needed to verify the fuse links are ok.

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Another member found that a porcupine had chewed through the wiring harness that runs underneath the Sprinter
(there's a thread on it with photos). ((i'll add a link if i can find it))
Easily accessible wires in a plastic sheath ... just crawl under and look up.


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