Oil pan replacement


I just replaced a cracked oil pan for a customer.

1. pull the front bumper
2. put the van on the lift and lift up a few feet
3. Take an engine hoist and attach to the front lifting point
4. Remove both engine motor mount bolts (18mm if I remember correctly)
5. Jack up the engine until the rear touches the top of the fire wall
step i forgot to write- unplug oil sensor harness
6. Unbolt and pull down wiring harness that runs across rear bell housing
7. Remove the oil pan bolts (2 different E torx sizes)
8. Remove the transmission bolts that go through the oil pan (even bigger E torx)
9. Once pan hangs down tilt it to one side.
10. Between the pan and block remove the oil pickup tube bolts
11. Tilt the pan to the other side
12. Remove remainder of oil pickup tube bolts (4 in all)
13. Pull pan and oil pickup tube towards front of van
14. clean up the gasket surface area
15. small amount of silicone to glue new gasket to new pan and transfer oil sensor to new pan.
16. put the pan and pickup tube under the block
17. reinstall pikcup tube
18. Start a couple pan bolts for alignment
19. Install the rest of the bolts
etc etc until it's done!


From putting the van on the lift to having the pan on the shop floor took 2 hours.

Cleaning everything and carefully putting all the bolts back in took 3.5 hours.

Also I should mention the new pan (customer provided) did not have threaded holes for the oil sensor. Part of the time was tapping these three holes for the M6 torx bolts. A fact I only realized after the pan was mounted on the vehicle. That alone was probably half an hour or so, mainly because I didn't have a bottoming tap (needed since the holes are pretty shallow) and had to make one from a regular tap with some bench grinder action.

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