SF Bay Area Vanboree Nov 17, Lake Chabot


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We might be able to make this. I'll cross post over on the ProMaster forum.
TomD, thanks for copying to the Dodge site. I can't find my login details to that site anymore, so your offer was perfect.

It seems we may have half a dozen Ford Transits show up.

I'm looking forward to compare notes with the Sprinter and Dodge van conversions.

Some reminders and extra info in case our preferred site is taken by others:

Time: Sunday November 17, noon- 4pm

Who: All campervans, owner or professional conversions, Ford, Dodge, Sprinter etc

Place: Lake Chabot Marina parking lot ($5 entry-parking).


Entry to Lake Chabot parking lot is after ~ 2 miles on left.

The suggested site has ~20 parking spots just above the waypoint on the google map.
In case these parking spots are taken we go in the dirt on the overflow parking.
For that take a right past the kiosk, on the google link to the right of the waypoint.
Note we have no reservation for these parking spots, so be kind to your neighbors.



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east bay van-off happenings? :bounce: count me in.. looks like this could be a fun little event.


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That was a fun little meet with a couple of Promasters, Sprinters and Transits showing up.

If I counted correctly, eight vans and a caravan!

Good information, beautiful builds and great people.

Here are some links to the items people ask me about.

The little cargo net for the head compartment we got the info from wpate at the 2018 meeting in SF.


From amazon are:

The towel hooks


I think Bill Surly once posted the link to this light



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Who was the guy in the box van Sprinter, super knowledgeable and checked my ecu for codes and injector trim values (all in a reasonable range, Yahy)....? thx

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