NCV3 Upgrades. Partition, Window Covers, LED Lighting!

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I owe it to you guys to show you what I have done to my Sprinter.

The first thing I would recommend anyone to do is Window Covers for the Windows that aren't there. The metal in the cargo area is very thin, and prone to denting if bumped by ANYTHING from the inside of the van. I took some measurements, and headed to Home Depot to source the material. I chose a wall board like material that doesn't have the mounting holes. It has a white coating on it which helps the interior lighting work better at night. The pieces I had cut fit into place with minimum trimming. Having the sheets cut there worked out nice!

I still need to do the rear doors, and the side door. For that I want to do something like this.

The next thing was a partition. I wanted to set aside a bit of space behind the seats like an extra cab of a truck, so I located it a bit farther aft then they usually go. Sure this cuts back the working space in the cargo area, but I wanted some more space for stowing anything away from the work supplies.
I used 3/4 Birch Wood which is really dense, and strong. For the supports I used metal "Strut", and its holding up great so far.

I also incorporated a door that serves two purposes. It opens up the mouth for loading things into my storage space behind the seats, and also gives me enough room to squeeze into the cargo area should I need to with the side door closed. The carpet used was speaker box carpet. It was easy to work with and even stretches a bit. 3M Super77 works great to adhear it.
This is the finished product.

Door Closed

Door Open

The finishing touch was the LED Lighting in the cargo area. I have always been disappointed with the factory lighting (brightness) in the cargo area, and it has killed my battery more then once while working with the doors open. Those little suckers draw quite a bit of power.
One of my suppliers sells LED strip tape in 16' lengths for about $175. You can cut it to size, solder wires to the contacts, and stick it where you want it since it has built in adhesive on the back.
I was able to make 7 lights out of that one roll. They are so bright that it almost hurts my eyes a night when I step into the cargo area. People always comment at the glow behind my van at night when the door opens...

I found this online.

I also rigged up the dome light to turn on all four bulbs when the door is open instead of two. If you push the button to turn on the dome light with the door closed it also turns on all four bulbs for increased light.
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