Are there any power steps available for the 2019 Sprinter?


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I wanted to buy some AMP steps for the 2019 4x4 Sprinter I just bought, but they don't seem to make them for the 2019 model year. Are there any other companies besides AMP that make power steps for Sprinters? Are the 2018's that different where those steps wouldn't fit on 2019 Sprinters?


I called AMP at the end of last summer and they told me by the end of the year. There are places installing them, I know RB Components and the Sprinter Store is doing them. I'm getting them in the next few weeks. There was something about the relay


Agile Offroad in CA installs them, but IIRC they use the 2018 steps and have had to remedy the wiring for 2019+ vans.

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