Misc Electrical Components and a folding shelf bracket for sale


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I bought a bunch of stuff for my build that I did not end up using. I bought them about a year ago so I can no longer return them. They are all brand new in their packaging and never used:

Blue Sea - 4 stud 150 Amp bus bars 1/4" threads $22 from amazon. Asking $15 each. I have two available.

Blue sea 6 stud 250 Amp bus bar with 5/16" threads. $42 on amazon, asking $30 each, I have two available.

Blue sea bus bar covers for the 6 stud bus bars above. $34 on amazon, asking 25 each, I have 2 available.

Blue Sea Terminal Fuse - 150 Amp. $9 on amazon. Asking $5.

Blue Sea Systems A-Series Red Toggle Single Pole 30A Circuit Breaker $17 on amazon. Asking $12.

29.5' of black and 32' of red 1AWG welding cable (flexible). Paid $2.00/ft each new on ebay before shipping. Asking $90 (~$1.5/ft).

2/0 AWG 5/16" copper lugs. $1 each. 2 available

2/0 AWG 3/8" copper lugs. $1 each. 11 available

1 AWG 5/16" copper lugs. $1 each. 7 available

1 AWG 1/4" copper lugs. $1 each. 5 available

Blue Sea Systems AMI/ MIDI 70 amp fuses. $4 ea, 2 available.

Amarine-made 2 PCS Heavy Duty Polished 304 Stainless Steel Folding Shelf Bench Table Folding Shelf or Bracket, Max Load: 550lb/250kg, Short Release Arm. $17 new on amazon. Asking $10.

There are probably more items that did not make it into my build but this is what I can find at the moment. None of the asking prices include shipping. Let me know what you want I will give you a shipping quote to cover my costs. I would love to see these items get put to use.

Here is a link to images of all the items.

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So is that the fuse block holder and a 70 amp fuse for $4 each? Or just the 70 amp fuse for $4?


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