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My great West Van has a few cracks in the skylight so I am looking for a replacement.

This would be a good time to repaint the wood frame that Great West built to allow the skylight to fit the irregular shape of the top of the Sprinter van.

Does anyone know the source of the original bathroom skylight for a 2012 Great West Van?

The outer flange measures 17.5" by 25.5".

Specialty Recreation makes a model SL1422W-LP that looks close?

They call it a 14" by 22" bubble, W=White, LP=Low profile that measures 17.5" by 25.5" from flange to flange.

The shape does not look exactly like the original, so I am asking if anyone has found a better fit.


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I ended up buying a replacement 17.5" by 25.5" polycarbonate (Lexan) skylight (RV dome) from
I took some pictures and put together a little story about the replacement process. Here are some highlights:

Do not buy an acrylic skylight for an RV. Buy a polycarbonate (Lexan) type dome. Think glass for the acrylic skylights. They resist scratches but they crack. Think plastic for polycarbonate (Lexan) skylights. They scratch but do not crack or break as easy.

I had some rotten wood and rust under my old skylight that I had to deal with.

I made a new skylight frame out pf PVC lumber instead of wood. The frame is not easy to make because of the ribs on the roof of the Sprinter van.

I was warned to choose a sealer that was OK to use with Lexan so I chose DOWSIL 795 for this project.

The project went well after some work scraping and grinding all of the old sealer off. I might be good for at least 5 more years!

Here is a link to the pictures and story:

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