Owner manuals?


2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
Hi, I am new to Sprinter, but long time MB sedans owner and DIY hobbyist.
Just bought 2015 Sprinter passenger bus with idea to convert it into mini-motorhome.
It is base model, what doesn't have steering wheel buttons but following youtube video I learned how to access hidden cluster menu.
Still the displayed codes don't say much without manual and MB USA site is not supporting Sprinters.
Any idea where to get a copy?
Other question is that I drive 2014 E250 Bluetec sedan what suppose to be the same drivetrain.
Yet on sedan transmission fluid can be check only by bottom plug, when on Sprinter I see dipstick tube. I have universal MB dipstick I used for older sedans, so will the scale be the same?



2015 long/tall limo RV 2.1l
Never mind the manual. After some digging in different topics with no longer working links, I finally found http://sprintermanual.com/sprinter-library/
My bus was fleet vehicle and run for 158,000 miles. Generally is in good shape and delivered 22.7 mpg at 70 mph so I am really satisfy with it.
Transmission was rebuild "last spring" what I assume was about 130k miles.
Any first hand tips what to check?


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi
There are a lot of manuals in the link in my signature below. This is a resource maintained by a member of the Sprinter Source Forum for the benefit of members.


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