2018 Navion Roof Vent cover


The cover departed on last trip. My manual says this is a Trusty Power vent, and about six inches in circular size. WGO closed for weekend. No information on the exterior cover. Anybody have an idea of p/n and where i can get an replacement?


Is this by chance the galley vent cover? If so you are the third person I'm aware of who has "lost" one. The others just called WGO. That's the best info I have.

You can also call Lichtsinn, they will know the part number.
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Rob, mine has has loosen up up too. It just screws on I think. Once you find the part number you will just have to do a search or try to locate it on the manufactured website. Winnebago parts are very expensive.


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See my post on this in the winnebago owner's forum.

Lost my cover, winnebago's solution was to sell me an entire assembly.

I came up with a DIY solution that cost $20 and an hour of time.


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An old thread, but here a source for the mushroom cap is needed for the repair for those who experience this problem. Mine came off last year as well.
The replacement vent assembly is available on Amazon for around $10.00. Once received it's about a 30 second fix up on the roof to just screw on the cap. The bolt got a drop of blue locktite before I screwed the cap on. The other parts are added to my collection of stuff.

Here are a couple of photos of the type vent we're talking about. It is a completely separate unit mounted on the roof above the power galley vent fan which is mounted below the unit. Mine was a black unit for my Navion 24M.

JR Mushroom Vent

17480AW_2.jpgMushroom Vent and Cover.png

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