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as to someone else asking the same question.
February 2006 just prior to the release of the new sprinters , the one you are now just receiving in the USA.
There was conformation from the D-B group that an all wheel drive Sprinter was to be produced and quote to be possibly released on the upgraded sprinter for June 2007, this was in response to other manufactures working similar set ups, from memory they said that there was to be one !or it had been developed? but needed more refinement, as it's a little more difficult to prefect as to costings, to develop for the Sprinter.
This was in response to the Ford Transit being offered with front and rear wheel drive Iveco was also developing a similar allwheel drive unit for European markets in the seven ton units as Iveco use truck chassis on all models up to eleven ton .
The report is now twelve months old so there have been changes in the companies future developments of the Sprinter as to the ongoing losses with DC in the USA, my thoughts are this will be stalled until a further time in the future maybe 2008 because in part of emission standards these allwheel drive Mercedes units now run on Blutec, its also an niche market limited to few buyers and you then have to think about optioning up for air suspension , the cost is prohibitive, as opposed to the Sprinter 4x4 unit thats available so this puts your question back to the original question as to thinking what other type unit would suit your application for similar use?
I've seen two 4x4 Mercedes units in the USA but these may be diplomatic plated units or someone has gone to the trouble of fully importing these and thats not cheap as to the 4x4 combination as it requires EPA approval from the DOT regulators.
Navigation should be available as a retrofit for US requirements if it's not a standard option again re mapping a OEM unit is not a cheap option but it can be done.
Australia has the 4x4 Mercedes Sprinters and I have owned a Mercedes R Class allwheel drive unit with inbuilt navigation ,those little units go almost any where but useless in wet conditions off road, that is the difference between all wheel drive and four wheel drive.
Here is a link Mercedes Sprinter Van 4x4
VW Crafter Atacama Concept - Autoblog
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not from Edmunds. Just thinking the same.

Would much prefer not to deal with aftermarket or retrofits- probem is it is hard to get someone to take responsibility for even minor problems. Have been that route. Am interested in when the Nav or 4 wheel drive will be offered as a factory option.

MB said later this year for 4 wheel drive. No word on Nav

Altered Sprinter

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four wheel drive by Mercedes will be available in the US, Spring if all goes well.
The confusion is all-whell permanent drive or 4x4, even I can't get the answer for Mercedes so one or the other will be, the question is which one.

Altered Sprinter

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USA Spring 2007
and thats from Daimler Chrysler, that is you you've been offered it, but it's up to DCX to take the offer up, looking at sales on the new Sprinter at the MO! I think you may be waiting just a tad latter for it.
I still can't find out which one they are talking about.:idunno:

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