How long after production in Germany does Sprinter ship?


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I have a deposit on a 144 4x4 passenger van that was built on September 13 in Dusseldorf. My local MB dealership told me they would let me know once they know it ships. Does anyone have an idea how long it usually takes for a Sprinter van produced in Germany to get on a ship heading to the US after it's been produced?


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There have been a couple of recently-active threads on the slips between the cups-and-lips (factory and owners).

That first thread had one member's experience:
rvator said:
So let me add my Sprinter order and post delivery horror story...

Order our 2019 170 Cargo on 12- Dec-18.

It was built in Germany on 28-March-19.

Showed "Shipped" in the database for over 3 months... found out it was sitting on the dock in Germany...

We finally took delivery in Virginia on 3-Aug-19.

Our first trip was 23-August-19 (with ceiling fans, insulation and an aerobed to start). We drove 35 miles and the engine blew a cylinder thru the side of the engine! Total miles on van... 100.4 to be exact.

It took 4 weeks to get one of only 2 engines available in Germany and installed.

But wait... it gets better!

They did a test an engine light... the coolant was gone... no drips...
Filled the coolant and tested it again... same thing.

Now we wait for MB to inspect it and come up with a plan....
Others are reporting Sprinters sitting in South Carolina for months.

Where you're at in the US will also have an effect: some arrive in SC, but west coast vans go through the Panama canal to a facility in LA.


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Thank you, appreciate the information. Now I'm worried I might not see it this year. I have a VIN, I've been told it's been built. But if it can somehow sit in Germany for a long time, it becomes hard to predict when it will get to the US. I'm on the west coast, dealership is about 40 miles from Long Beach where these vans come in typically. But the dealership also said they've had some vans ship to the east coast and then get transported from there to here - something that takes longer and makes no sense to me.

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