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You make a recommendation for another shop with phone number. Why didn’t you use this shop to begin with? I use my van almost every day and even if someone was a little cheaper I would pick the shop That had a 1 day turnaround every time all things being equal. You knew upfront it would be at least a week and yet you still went with MMS at a cost of $100 day rental. Something isn’t adding up.

Joel is a complete loser hack!! My bill was over $$7000.00. He‘s a burnt out hippie Wannabe. He has worked on my truck several times. Each time there is an issue. Last time I get my truck back and it looked like someone puked all over my passenger seat. This took me an hour to scrub it clean. I have black Silverado seats.
so this time i Make an appt 6 weeks in advance for preventative maintenence work.dropped truck off Sunday night around 10pm. So he could get to work Monday morning as we agreed. He said truck should be done Friday. Which was ok to me. Friday comes around and I get a text saying I’m waiting for a part to come in and I’ll be on vacation and can’t get back to my truck on tuesday, meanwhile I rent a truck at 100$ a day I work seven days a week, then he gets back from vacation starts working on truck Replacing the fuel lines which he didn’t do the firstweek he had it. He toldme he was doing the bulletproof kit and when I asked about the fuel lines and alternator he didn’tdo them. He said the alternator looked good and I said it’s part of your kit I want it changed out, so now he had to go back and do my fuel lines and broke my low pressure pump prying it clearly with a screw driver and he had the balls to tell me this was like that. Anyone can see it was clearly a new break. look what he charged me for it. He also charged me for an oil change that I didn’t want or need for 175$ seriously ! I change my own oil and typically wrench on my sprinter myself but was busy and though I would catch up on some repairs needed. One of my a/c lines had a bubble in it. Wanted that replaced. Charged 325$ My condenser bolt was seized which I replaced 2 years ago , so he whacked me for a new one. This guy is a dirtbag!!!!! He charged over 1000$ to fix that see paperwork ,
this is a scamartist piece of trash.
i asked him to align all my doors,he replaces a rear wiring harness for a couple hundred bucks that I had no idea about he said it had some bad wires.Now whatever he did to my rear door won’t lock manually, or by the central locking system. He told me it worked fine when the truck left the lot. I called him the next morning about this. This guy is a fraud! My automatic fan now is just hanging loose. He replaced all my pulleys fan and clutch etc. he didn’t bolt my electric fan in and said I’m really sorry man. I wanted to reach thru the phone and ring his neck. I can fix all this shit but that’s why I paid him just wanted it done right and that didnt happen.
I do not recommend this guy.
if you think this clown is your only hope try quality fuel and service they specialize in sprinters they are quick and I mean over night. One night! They are quick and do great work. Their number is 8564772271View attachment 153626
He works out of his house, and has been reported for operating-business out of his house


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I subscribed and was diggin on his 1-minute vids i thought could be helpful to others but noticed he hasn't posted in 5-months. Hope he's okay.


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