I like to call this the PNS (Produced Not Shipped lot for Sprinters.


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with all the computer stuff constantly running, would not the batteries get depleted?
Is the service schedule not set the date of production at the factory, so possible to get the schedule A notice on the dash within months of these buyers taking delivery?


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Daimler is just saying "re-work" :shrug:
That can mean "defect caught at final inspection" or "recall performed before release"

Back in 1972 i toured the VW factory in Wolfsburg ... during the two-hour walk thru, at least 2 "completed" VW beetles drove past us (inside the factory), headed back up the line to fix something. One was missing its driver-side front fender (the front quarter panel on a Sprinter).
VW's policy at the time was that all of the assembly line workers had the authority to flag a part or entire vehicle if they spotted something wrong.

Parts pulled from US-delivered cars due to warranty failures went to VW USA training centers for analysis.



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This is the Charleston, SC plant where my Sprinter has likely been in PNS purgatory for 4 months. :frown:


How many red Sprinters do you see?

The ones with the black square on top are the passenger vans.

The ones on the upper right look like a bunch of Amazon vans.

What do you see?
You should see zero red. We ordered red but a month before production we were told they are not offering many of the colors, including red right now. We had to choose another color.

Supposed to be delivered to the dealership today. We will see.


The PNS van I ordered was not from an Oregon dealer. In the end, bought a nicely-equipped van off the lot from a dealer in Oregon.

Mike Wilcock @ Medford MB seems like an trustworthy sales guy. It's not his fault your van it late.


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Our January order, August 1 build 2500 170 Passenger van is at the dealership. I got to see it today. We pick it up on Friday. Took a full 9 months, just like a child.

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