Etrek battery wiring diagram?


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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Etrek with 8 AGM batteries?
I am trying to figure out how to put in an equalizer in our 2015 Roadtrek etrek (Sprinter chassis)

A link or PDF file would be great if you know of one. Has anyone done their own battery bank equalizer ? If so what type and brand did you go with?

Appreciate any help !



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We bought a used 2015 Etrek. It has a Cooper Bussmann converter/equalizer under the side bench seat on the drivers side.

There is an etrek facebook group. Most of the users have lithiums but a few of us there with AGM batteries. There is a 2013 etrek wiring diagram there, but it does not seem to apply to our rig. If you don't have an equalizer, it may apply to yours.
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