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I am occasionally getting an implausible right rear wheel speed sensor code on my 2006 T1N (140,000 miles). I have done a resistance check at my ABS pump and all of my wheel speed sensors read in the 1.8-1.89 kOhm range (which is on the high side according to the service manual). I also checked the right rear wheel speed sensor resistance at the splice area in front of the rear axle and got almost identical resistance readings (clearing bad wiring or a bad splice from the picture).

Is it typical for the wheel speed sensors to have these higher resistance readings?

I have also viewed live wheel speed data with Xentry and it appears that I am getting good data. I have not had the luck to view the live data when the dash lights illuminate

Any insight on this one?


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I just went through this same code senario plus the wheel spin code.
The cause turned out to be debris generated by rotting rear emergency backing plates.
As it turned out aafter disassembly my rear calipers were seized, the parking brakes were non functional and needed a complete rebuild, I ended up doing a complete brake job including the front wheels to make the to the brakes right. The rear wheel speed sensors were seized and had to be replaced.

The thing is the problems stared with occasional codes on one wheel but in the end I had implausable codes on both rear wheels and lost cruise control.

More here.

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Thanks for the reply Bill.

I should have mentioned that I have checked the tone rings, cleaned the tone rings, and have been able to adjust my rear wheel speed sensors appropriately. I feel lucky that although my van came from the rust belt and I have plenty of rust elsewhere, my rear brakes have been spared.

I'm still very curious about the resistance values though and if they are actually higher than they should be.


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Anything under 2k ohm should be fine. Obviously you are getting good signal. What does the bearing play look like on the right rear?


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Any specific procedure other than rocking the tire back and forth at the 12 and 6 position while the vehicle is lifted?


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Another thought....I did have a steering angle sensor that wasn't calibrated properly at the same time. I recently calibrated that sensor but haven't driven enough for the wheel speed code to come back like it normally does.

Could an uncalibrated steering angle sensor cause an implausible wheel speed sensor code?

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Could an uncalibrated steering angle sensor cause an implausible wheel speed sensor code?
I agree with MWD, but I have no data. The steering angle is included in the driving safety systems as are the wheel speed sensors. Maybe time will tell for you?

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Here is an update. I checked for wheel bearing play and found none.

Since calibrating the steering angle sensor, I have put almost 1000 miles on the van. No ESP light and no codes have come back.

I'll report back again once I have more miles on the van.

It looks like it might be possible that the steering angle sensor could be related to implausible wheel speed sensor. Only time will tell though.

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