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I installed an Owl Van Sherpa on my van, with a box to carry my generator. I am curious if anyone can share any details on how they:

1. Modified the box to house the generator while the generator is running.

2. How you are running the power to your van from the box.

Really appreciate all the great advice I have gotten on here. I will be starting a thread to share my van and what I have done thus far. I just need to figure out how to post pictures on this dang forum.




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I've been watching the development of the Owl Vans Sherpa, looks a nice but of kit.

I had purchased one of the first rear door tire racks, but due to my doors not having the magnet stays, and after someone else who purchased one also with the same doors, they retro fit it, but it ended up damaging the inner door, and as such, John is now making me a custom one off rack in time for my planned UK roadtrip.

Cannot speak highly enough about John and Owl Vans, very professional, and commited to customer satisfaction, even after sales support has been amazing

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Modified the box to house the generator while the generator is running.
One concept.

I have not done this yet, still waiting on my van, but my thoughts were to create a hitch mounted lockable expanded metal (ventilated) box to cover the generator while it is in operation. When it is not running, a lockable slightly larger thin gauge steel box would be slipped over the ventilated box for weather proofing and visual security. I am not sure how much sound would be transmitted into the van via the hitch mount.

I do weld, so the cost impact would be minor, but this was how I figure I can have a generator running securely when I cannot be there watching or am inside sleeping without fear of it walking off.


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