Move 4th row to 3rd row


Yes, did it on my 2018 for a while. I had moved the 4 person bench to the 3rd row location. I used the back to store gear and removed the 2nd row so there was space inside the van. The seat nearest the slider isn't the most comfortable because your feet will be partially in the footwell/step for the slider.


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I've had the 4-place bench seat installed in the first cargo area bench seat position. For permanent positioning with factory retention capabilities, some folks have ensured that the 4-place bench was anchored using the side straps when they move it forward (I didn't because my placing it in the first position was temporary).


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Keep in mind that the 4 seat bench is also attached to the walls of the van as well as the floor. This is probably due to the extra weight of a 4th person in that seat. So you might have some safety concerns if you plan to load that bench up with 4 good sized adults.

One other trick is that the 4 seat bench lacks the handles to release the latch mechanism from the floor. You'll need to improvise a tool to move the mechanism. I used a carefully placed screwdriver as the missing lever.


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Hi Everyone!

I’m interested in moving my 4th row with 4 seats to where the 3rd row is now. Is this possible?

Thank you

I moved mine to third. I mounted L track to my wall just below the window and attached the tethers to it. The L track also holds up my bed.

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Done did it! Image attached.
Now the space behind the 4 seat is to be my bed and personal area. The space in front of the seat is the office.

I was able to convince the dealership to hook it up during Service A. He asked if this was possible- i told him sprinter source said so!

Thanks for the direction everyone!



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Got my 2019 2500 170 Friday. Over the weekend, we reduced it from a 15 to a 12 seater doing exactly what you mentioned. Removed the back 4-seat row. Then removed the 3-seat row. Then put the 4-seat row back where the 3-seat was.

We removed the two straps on the side to the van wall. An uplifter told me the straps are for safety if you carry cargo in the back and you stop fast or have an accident and the cargo impacts the rear seat row. It protects forward movement, not rearward. Since we are installing a cargo-partition behind the 4-seat row, it doesn't need the straps.

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