ac switch not working

Left a post awhile back, cant find it . on my 06 the AC isn't working all the time, either nice & cold or just blows hot. read that there is a solder joint om the switch board that is easy to fix. Does anyone have a clear picture of where we need to look ? Thanks Joe


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I would look "under" the temperature setting knob ... it's possible the potentiometer/rheostat/variable resistor has broken the connection between its internal resistive element and the pins to the outside world (i.e. the circuit board).

When the knob is at the ends, it usually touches those pins (or presses the element to better contact) and the effect is "binary" (full hot or full cold).

There are also eBay repair people who repair the control head for a fixed-fee ($99 or $120-ish).

Thanks for the info , I have a tech who can do the repairs if we now where they need to made.. If anyone has a picture of where the contacts are , that would be of great help .Thanks


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I can't seem to find the photo. Its hard to miss. Big black box on the back of the board, drivers side near the temp knob. Contacts are visible on the cabin side of the board, 4 large (about 0.08" diameter) passing through the board.

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