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I recently bought a 2002 Sprinter with some incredibly rusty wheels. It's time for new tires, and I'd like to change out the wheels to something without rust if possible. I'm open to 15" or 16" as long as they're in good shape. I'm in Denver, CO and would of course prefer something relatively local if possible.


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You need to get in touch with Dennis at LinDen Engineering in Golden, CO. He is a regular poster on here!

Also try the Portland Sprinter Connection guys.

Earlier this year I bought four 16" alloys from them, and lucky me, one of their reps was planning on driving down to San Diego and delivered them. These match what I have.

I wanted to get rid of the one steel wheel I had as a spare, and an additional alloy for the second spare I always carry. Anyone in my area is welcome to the steel wheel. I will probably be keeping the other two alloys in case I ever need them because it took a good length of time to find these T1N alloys.

Send them an email or a call. They might have what you are looking for or can find it for you.

I had heard Europarts SD in the past had some new alloy ones for around $275 each.

The four I bought have some scratches and a little bubbling in places, but nothing that would compromise the integrity, and I am happy to have them.


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I have a set of 15" wheels with tires that Im looking to sell, tires will need to be replaced. Unfortunately not local to Colorado, but just throwing it out there in case theres someone driving out that way from Southern California.


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Thanks for the replies! I was able to get a set of wheels using one of these tips so I greatly appreciate it!

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