Short Sprinter - the Pleasure-Way

Zach Woods

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RVs more than 10' tall are not permitted to drive the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.
Hello Viking -

It sounds like the 10' tall restriction will keep my 11' foot tall Westfalia off the Going to the Sun Road. Were there tunnels that had clearance just big enough to allow a 10' tall vehicle or ?




Roads in the Black Hills have even tighter restrictions due to tunnel dimensions, at the Needles we had about two inches each side of our mirrors. In a 19 foot Sprinter high top, 21 1/2 foot with bike rack it makes for an exciting ride, and the looks you get, priceless. The Road To The Sun is an awesome ride as well we did it after the Black Hills so we were ready for anything. Isn't it great to have a vehicle that you can drive anyplace there are roads? Granted 4X4 would be nice but on the highway, :hmmm:.

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