Low range and acceleration problem


Its vs30 not ncv3 but anyways oberaigner system doesnt seems to be changed maybe somebody here will know..

Hi guys I have this strange problem it occurs only in low range, for while after you engage lowrange it works fine, then suddenly it might happen after 10km or wont happen 3 hours hard riding. Esp enabled or disabled it doesnt make difference. It doesnt seems to follow manual shifting after error happens like d1 is visible fex but it is surely not d1 engaged (maybe hi range d1?)
Its 2019 vs30 4x4 319cdi

Basically you have accelerator pedal floored and it stops accelerating engine goes to idle. Result is hard shaking as if younfloor pedal and release it in some intervals. Starting and stopping engine always works, soemthimes it goes to normal in few minutes sometimes it wont.
Any suggestions? To mention I have size biiger wheels than stick and van is fully loaded with options. All electronics are present.


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If a 4x4 owner can confirm, does the trans start ins 1st or 2nd gear when in low range?

What you describe sounds like a transmission issue. Possibly torque converter related.

My other thought would be a sticky EGR valve, but you undoubtedly have very low miles.


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I wonder if it is a brake switch issue.
The computer doesn't let you use both the throttle and the brake at the same time. It cuts power if it senses the use of both controls.


Brake switch idk why starting and stopping resets it?
There seems to be 8gears in lowrange same as in high range
Car has 10k kms

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