NCV3 low tech armrest hack


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Driving along enjoying my music, arm on right armrest.. the planet's gravitational field shifts slightly and this engineering bad joke collapses..again.

Both armrests wouldn't lock in place when I got the van.
I have had them apart at least 10 times..
Bought the rebuild kits on ebay, didn't work.
Used different springs and half a dozen other ideas.. dreamed of revenge on some German engineers.
Filed the teeth to sharp points and just lived with the randomness of it failing.

Today was different..
Today this really just pissed me off.

I angrily throw this on my work bench and RIP it all apart.
Loose all the internal moving parts. Springs, toothy sliding thingy and the astonishingly chintzy plastic rampy doojobys.

I am left with 2 castings. There are 2 internal stops for fully upright and all the way down. In this position down is too far down at about a 4 o'clock position.

Jump back in truck, lift and mark my favorite spot at slightly less than 3 o'clock with a sharpie across both castings. Pull them apart and note the distance now indicated between the internally casted stops on both parts.

Go to the random junk drawer, you know the one. And select several size hex nuts.

Just drop one into the open space between the casting stops and there you go..

17mm put the arm to high but 14mm was just right. The nylock nuts and the black oxide nuts were too nice and this armrest just didn't deserve it, so rusty with rounded corners it was.

Same junk drawer, 3 large fender washers and a smooth 3/8 bronze washer.

Drilled out fender washers holes to 5/8 to rest on the outer casting that is actual armrest without touching the round post on the other stationary inner casting that bolts into the seat.

Kept the 2 plastic bushings to take away the wobbly slop and got rid of the locking crimping ring thing and dished washer.

Dropped in the rusty nut, reassembled and put the bronze washer under the head of the seat bolt, and 3 drilled fender washers. Tightened bolt to 23.25 Latvian subterranean newton meters (that's really tight)

Bronze washer allows the arm to turn without loosening the bolt (sofar)

It goes up
It stays up
It goes down
No rachety nonsense

Took longer to write this than to do it for chrissakes..

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