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Hi. I’ve had to do a few projects lately he required me to buy some specialty tools, and I thought I’d like to offer these and other somewhat specialty tools to share locally for free. If you’re in the San Diego area and you’d like to borrow something, send me an email at mikerancourt [AT] I’ve done the jobs listed, but I’m not so great at mechanics (note TWO broken injector bolts!), so don’t rely on me for expertise. Also, this offer is to share tools for free. Don’t offer me cash or alternative currencies like beer (I don’t drink, but thats beside the point).
Here are some things I have:
- injector hard fuel line wrench (14mm, 17mm, 19mm). Used for injector or fuel rail work.
- injector puller. Used for, well, pulling a stuck injector.
- in-lbs torque wrench (I have. 3/8 drive and a 1/4” drive, but I honestly don’t know if h 1/4” drive is defective or if I just don’t know how to use it because I used it twice as broke two effing injector hold drown bolts!). Used especially for replacing injector hold down bolts, but could be used for other things of course.
- injector hold down bolt diy thread clean out tool made from the old bolt by cutting flutes in the sides and bottom (or you could borrow the rotary tool and make one for yourself since my flutes aren’t pretty, though it seems to work well). Used for injectors work.
- 5/8” dowel with 400 grit sandpaper taped to the end. Used for resurfacing injector faces. It actually seems to work!
- wire bore brushes and regular wire brushes. Used as part of he proves of cleaning out his down bolts and injector hole.
- t40 bit; t30, t40, t45, t47 sockets (used for injector work, seatbelts, etc...)
- e4-e18 socket set. Used for work on the intake and probably other things.
- Time Sert “big sert” thread repair kit. Used for broken injector hold own bolt. I actually have two inserts left. You can have them. See my saga here.
- angle drill. Used for drilling out broken injector hold down bolt.
- 11/32” cobalt drill bit. Used for enlarging hold down claw hole.
- Irwin spiral flute extraction set. Used for backing out a broken injector hold down bolt (didn’t work for me, but that my be because I didn’t use a real center punch and do couldn’t get a good grip).
- 18mm 3/8” drive socket (maybe you have one, but I don’t when I needed to do this job and don’t know it wasn’t 19mm. Used for removing rear calipers.
- iCarSoft MBII scan tool (see this thread, though, to be honest, I think it’s very hard to use even with a nice guide) used for scanning and learning codes in lots of systems.





To each according to need. From each according to ability.


2006 158 Cargo
Hi Mike. Very generous post. By chance do you know of a rv Sprinter electrical installer for inverters and batteries in San Diego you can recommend?
Hi Mike. Very generous post. By chance do you know of a rv Sprinter electrical installer for inverters and batteries in San Diego you can recommend?
Sorry. I missed this reply. Also, no. I don't know anything about RV installers in SD. Sorry.

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