CEL code P2457


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My 2008 Dodge/Sprinter Class C (42,000 miles) has thrown the dreaded P2457 + P040B fault codes indicating issues with exhaust gas cooling EGR system.
After reading internet information for hours, I am better informed.... but still not sure about a fix. We have not experienced any performance issues (yet).

What would you folks recommend as an inertial course of action?


My only experience is with P2459.

My understanding, anything related to emission controls or continued operation that could potentially damage your vehicle can trigger Limp Home Mode.

Considering the age of your vehicle, temperature sensor may be going on the fritz and producing out of range data.

Consider clearing the code and performing a drive cycle. https://benzbits.com/Drive_Cycle_Readiness.pdf

Alternatively, try an ECU global reboot by disconnecting the quick disconnect located adjacent the accelerator pedal for a few hours.

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