T1N: 1994-2006 2005 140" Passenger Van 2500 (Arkansas, USA)


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For sale is this 10 passenger 2.7 diesel Sprinter Van with only 138,000 miles. Engine and body are in great condition, interior cabin shows some minor signs of wear. Here are the features on this van:

* Mercedes badge
* 140" wheel base
* High ceiling van (three versions sold that year of low, high, and super high), total outside hight with rear A/C is just under 9 feet
* Cool rear A/C
* 10 passenger seats, no tears (but some seats have water spots from washing)
* Tow Package
* Swivel seats and factory window vents great for occional camping
* Interior walls lined with dampening material for a more quiet ride
* Extremely well maintained vehicle (I've owned it for the past 10 years, bought it when it had 21K)
* Great MPG --- average 20 around town, 25 on the highway

This vehicle is great for hauling people or stuff, and even using for camping on occasion. This vehicle was very gently used with most of the miles have been from driving my family across the country on long vacations, and tow was only used a couple times to pull a pop-up trailer - pulls like a dream! I hate to sell this vehicle (the 2004-06 model is the most fuel efficient due to the 2.7 efficient 5 cyl engine, and these vehicles are generally good for 700,000+ miles), but I must sell due to medical issues preventing me from driving any longer. Serious inquiries only please.

This is also on Craigslist:

This on Craigslist: :smilewink:



Looks like a standard ( low) height van to me - high van is 9 foot high to the top of the roof without AC...


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Looks like a standard ( low) height van to me - high van is 9 foot high to the top of the roof without AC...
Good catch! I mistakenly thought that there were three roof heights that year - something like low, high, and super high. But you are correct - looking at the wiki there was just ‘standard’ and ‘high,’ so this one is ‘standard.’ Thank you for the catch, and now to see if I can edit what I posted on eBay and craigslist! Thanks again.

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