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I would like to install a better radio into my 06 . Currently has the radio /cd that came with it. Will be installing a Blaupunkt rdm 168 & need to find an install kit of some type . Has anyone an idea where I can can get one ?


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Have you checked to see whether the wiring harness matches up? If not, maybe the folks at can recommend something.

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Just spoke with Ziggy at Crutchfeilds, they have the wireing & att. adaptor in stock. Not listed for the Sprinter, so couldn't find on line . gotta love Crotchfield's .


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hey man, how much was that stuff from crutchfield? ebay guys have a kit listed for 39$, antenna adapter, radio bezel, and wiring adapter.... thanks, boomer


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All you need is the wiring adapter. Once you remove the Becker, it leaves a standard 1 DIN hole in the dash. I installed a Sony, didn't need any adapter for the antenna, just had to power it off the harness. I used a wiring adapter for a VW, then switched 2 wires in it. If you do a search in here, you'll find a post that tells you which wires to switch.


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Hey guys, Crutchfield has the wireing $15. or so . Should be a quick switch out . Need to stop off at the dealer. Can't find the tools for taking out the old radio . Will let you know how it goes.


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Crutchfield will give you a wiring harness for free if you buy your radio through them...
The Euro harness you get has a note to swap the yellow and red cables...

I ended up getting the JVC AVX40 after having poor luck with the Alpine iDA X305.

The Alpine looked gaudy compared to the rest of the Sprinter and had to be rebooted to play music off my iPhone.
Crutchfield was great and let me return it for the JVC...

I was hesitant about the touchscreen but it works great, and it looks like it goes with the iPhone...

The Alpine uses a proprietary USB connector, if you need to extend it with your own USB to iPod cable, the iPod won't even show up at all. And as mentioned even with the OEM cable the functionality was spotty.

The JVC is all one box and lets you plug in your own cables (important if you are building your own cradle)
The JVC AVX40 also has a provision for a backup camera that comes on if you shift into reverse.

There is a pricier version of the JVC that is all screen

more pictures here



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Installing a Blaupunkt cd that I had installed in my now retired Ford E350 . Some how I think it will do better in Sprinter . Will be Replacing the stock speakers , Haven't decided on which ones yet . Adding 6" 3 ways in the header with baffles . A friend gave them to me as they wouldn't work for him . Looks like I'll be getting away for the cheap on this one . I had sold the Ford a few years ago , the folks who baught Blew the engine & was abanded at my friends shop . Got the Blaupunkt for free . Before he junks the van . Gotta love friends.... Does anyone know where to get the tool for taking out the Becker . I had a set , put them I would not lose them & well.... You all know how that goes ........ Thanks for the input Joe

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M-B could sure do better in the radio department. The Becker radio that comes as standard equipment is a piece of junk made in South Africa. Sensitivity on AM is terrible and the antenna is very inefficient. Daimler (M-B) should be ashamed of themselves for selling such a crummy radio in their vans. I installed a Sony XR9000 AM, FM, Shortwave unit and only needed one adapter cable which I got at Circuit City. The speakers in the Sprinter are too small, have no low frequency response, sound tinny and are a big disappointment. If I order another Sprinter (and this doubtful), I will demand a Radio Delete option and discount.

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Does anyone know where to get the tool for taking out the Becker . ...
Thanks for the input Joe
I believe they are available from Harbor Freight.


This is where they insert on the cassette model.


I used a couple thin lab spoons to remove my Becker Sound 10 before I gave it away with the inner adapter sleeve. (I actually felt guilty even giving it away as the sound is so poor.) Some have suggested thin knife blades will work. A search from the blue bar above may get you more suggestions. Have fun. vic

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