311cdi issue with intermittent power loss

I have a 2004 sprinter 311cdi with sprintshift and a speed limiter set to 100 km/h. There's also a tachograph fitted as it used to be a disability minibus (originally converted by uv modular in the UK)

I'll describe the issue as best I can...

When driving around 92 - 96 km/h, there's a slight loss of power and the orange exclamation mark light comes on. This is usually very brief. It's almost like it wants to change up a gear, then realises it can't go up, so it changes its mind! The power drops, there's a bit of a 'lurch' in the van, the light flashes once or twice, but then it comes back to normal.

This happens when I drive in Auto mode, and the same happens if I override the auto and have it in gear 6.

A similar thing happens when going uphill with a turn, at speeds above 80km/h, but in this situation the light stays on for as long as the wheel is turned and there is no real loss of power.

I hope you understand the problem?

I should also say that the tachograph has been disabled and there's a permanent TCO light.

Can anyone suggest what's going on? And if so, what to do!

Thanks, Andy

Eric Experience

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I am not familiar with the set up you have but suggest you take it back to the company that installed it and ask them to remove it. Eric.

Aqua Puttana

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I agree with Eric that the aftermarket unit could still be a contributor.

The yellow triangle indicates that the driver safety system(s) operated. Your problems could be related to a wheel speed sensor system issue, but getting rid any/all aftermarket unit possible influence would be my first priority.

:2cents: vic
Hi Eric, Vic, thanks for that advice. Unfortunately the company in question stopped trading a few years ago, and I can't find any trace of their employees.

I will look into the wheel speed sensor, that sounds like a possible cause of the problem

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