T1N: 1994-2006 WTB Sprinter 2500 140-144WB (NYC Area).


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I'm looking for a Sprinter 2500 140-144 WB. Specifically looking for the Extended High roof. Don't really care about the year, just looking for something with a clean body, runs ok without issues, and preferably windows already installed.

I don't want to spend more than 12 grand. Looking for something that is fair market price. Somewhat flexible depending on the vehicle.

Most of the used sprinter sales around me selling vehicles with lots of rust on them or shaky historys. Looking for something that has been taken care of.

Specifically looking though for a tall boy. I want to do a camper conversion eventually and I'm 6'2 ft. Prefer to be able to stand in interior.


'04 158" Cargo, 200K
Yo hstabley Im sure you know your stuff but I thought it was worth mentioning that at 6' 2'' I think you probably wont clear the t1n ceiling ribs even with a 1/2 inch floor. Im 5'11.5 myself and I have about an inch of clearance standing on my .75 inch subfloor. If standing up straight is your goal, make sure you check before you buy cause the older sprinters (t1n) were definitely a bit shorter. For reference I have a 2004 2500 158" high roof.

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