Forest Rivers 2019 Foresters slide and Awning will not operate without engine running


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I have a friend who just purchased a 2019 Forester 2401W MBS and his slide and awning will not operate without the engine running. There is an actual sticker on the control panel that states that, also. However, the owners manual just says that they "recommend" being plugged into 120V (not 30 or 50amp, just 120V) or having the generator running for the slide (nothing about the awning). My identical rig (other than it being a 2017) will allow the slide and the awning to operate on any of the 3 power sources, although they don't recommend using just the battery due to the drain...He tried to operate it when he was plugged into shore power and indeed, it wouldn't work until the engine was turned on. Anyone know anything????? Thanks in advance.

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