2006 airstream interstate 2500 house battery charging issues

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my house battery will not charge after driving. The generator, lights, fridge etc all struggle to perform. the battery has 25k miles on it..about a year and 3/4....I went from getting 3-4 nights of boondocking without driving to charge to maybe 1 night and now looks like i wont even get one night? Any thoughts, ideas? THANKS!!


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(a) check all circuit breakers
(b) "after driving" ... so do you mean from shore power?
(c) There have been a number of recent threads by other RV brand owners chasing those down ... they'd provide "generic" hints
((search for "charge shore power" or "charging shore power"))
(d) a number of folks have reported a bad connection where the shore power cable meets the internal wiring (i.e. inboard of the shore connector ... where the connector's wires are (usually) wire-nutted to the internal wiring)


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