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I will answer your questions. The XO 20 inch monitor is working great still. We took a trip from New Mexico to Minnesota and back over Thanksgiving and the whole systems got a great workout. The kids were happy and so were my wife and I. I am pretty sure you can can control everything on the Nav while driving and don't remember that being an issue. I definately remember searching for Starbucks as we were driving/ The DVD is tied to the emergency brake but that is just a matter of how it is installed. I recently saw they dropped the price on this unit by $500 at Crutchfield. The only thing I would do different is put the XM antenna on the roof - I have it at the front of the dash near the window and I found I got some droppouts when I was pointing North while driving through northern states. I think the roof is blocking the signal at times but that does not seem to be an issue at the latitude where I live in New Mexico.


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Thanks. I went ahead and ordered one, so it's good to know you are still happy.


I was able to get the radio-specific steering wheel buttons to work with the Eclipse AVN-726e with a few add-on adapters. If you go to and enter your Sprinter and radio type they'll tell you the parts needed. I needed the SWI-ECL2 and SWI-CAN2 I believe. This site will also give you vehicle specific configuration instructions. I believe that if I wanted to pull my dash apart again I could get one of the phone buttons to work...not sure if I care yet. They work fine, without delays like some folks complain about on Amazon...could be vehicle specific.
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