Changing the bearing in front diff


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Hello, Does anyone have experience of 'how too's' for changing the bearings in the front diff? I have a 2010 4x4 140,000 kms that has a slight vibration and loud noise coming from the front. Replacing the whole diff new is around $15000 Aus and i was wondering if there is another option? any ideas?


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I don't have experience with it but there is a database of repair bulletins that may help you out. Access to the site is $20 for a month. I purchased one month and used it to troubleshoot some noises I had in the van.


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It depends on which bearing. If you change the carrier bearings, or the inner pinion bearing, you need to check the mesh pattern, and confirm proper drag preload. You can use generic averages for the loads, but you are better off with the MB values if they can be found.

I am not sure if MB uses a crush sleeve or shims. You may end up needing a different shim or new sleeve if you replace the pinion bearings.

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