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Hello All,

The generator in our 2018 Plateau runs great, but we're not getting any power to the coach. I've checked and reset the breaker on the generator numerous times, no luck. checked all the breakers in the coach, still no power. Shore power isn't an issue. Anyone else experience this?



2008 2500 170" EXT
Does this model RV have a automatic Shore/GenSet power transfer switch or do you switch manually?

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If you’ve flipped the breaker on the generator itself with no luck, make sure you left it in the ON position. Then, the next thing to try in your coach would be the inverter. I believe it needs to be on for shore or generator power to get to the coach. The other things to try are resetting any GFCI outlets. There are several of them in the new coaches, so try and get all you have. Hopefully the owners manual has the locations listed. I believe yours should have three of them. They do need power to reset so if the generator isn’t providing power, you might need shore power to reset the GFCI’s and try the generator afterwards.
The other thing is the transfer switch. Are you hearing any clicking or noise after about 30 seconds of generator run time indicating whether the ATS is even trying to switch over?
If all those fail, call your personal assistant or take it in to your dealer since you're under warranty and get them to diagnose and fix it. Those should be all the options on your coach.
BTW, most new owners are on the Facebook owners group, so you might try joining there and asking what else can be done and you’ll get more PW relevant answers than on here.


It does take about 30 Sec or so for the power to go on after the gen set is running, it is not instanced.
I'm sure you have probably run it long enough in many cases, but one never knows.

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Most PleasureWay’s have the battery cut off at the control panel and a separate charge disconnect that cuts charging power to batteries. We have a different unit, but the charge disconnect looks like a red key near the battery access. For us, it is under the sofa in the coach. If you can take the key out it is off. Obviously when you turn it and can’t remove the key you are connected. You probably already knew this but I didn’t see it mentioned above.

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