Alternator bad??

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The fan belt started squealing the other day just as I got home. On restart all was quiet then it squealed and I noticed on scan guage volts went down to 12 range then it got silent and volts went to 14 range. I'm thinking alternator is going out. I took belt off today it spun freely and shaft seemed tight no wobble. All the other pulleys seemed fine
Now I would like that 150 amp alternator anyway so I'm ordering one . Oh I replaced the belt 60,000 miles ago , it was real hard to get the new one on but I see by other posts it is. Anyway now I am starting to think maybe I had the wrong belt, it is a Goodyear 4060882. I'm thinking the correct belt is 4060887. What do you guys think?


4060887 is what I came up with. Here is a link to Goodyear's web site.
In any case, 60k on a serpentine is stretching it a bit.

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