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Here is a question and answer reprint from the Sprintervan yahoo group that may be of interest- Andy

> I was looking on Germanfilters.com since they have the lowest price >on
> filters that I can find. They recently added the fleece media >filters
> that other Mercedes have. It says that they are required for >engines
> with the ASSYST system. Is this true? If not, is it worth the >extra
> $5? Thanks.


Fleece filters have been discussed here before. My research disclosed
a incompatibility with diesel engine operation. These people show a
fleece filter, Mann part number- HU 718/5. That sounds like the
part# for the spark ignition, late model MBenz automobiles. If that's
true then it's dimensionally incorrect for Sprinter application as
well as diesel service incompatible. BTW, fleece IS required for MBenz
spark ignition engine ASSYST service intervals. Andy

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Happy Little Vegemite
It appears in our column from time to time, about oil filters in general
where I can get one from a Wally store for a few dollars cheaper than an OEM filter.
Most likely one item that most folk don't think about that much, it's interesting to note!"That oil filters in general differ," from one to another both in design and in quality. Its also not uncommon to see multiple brands with different prices that are manufactured by a supplier that have no differences with them except for the end price and or adding a label.
Standards for filters if any thing in general are behind by at least a decade in design as to the continuing technological changes with in the automotive design of modern engines, especially Diesel.
Its an interesting link as to "Oils aint Oils! And neither are the Filters"
Oil filter comparisons
Oil filter comparisons


Doktor A (864-623-9110)
Better to save the extra $5.98 and buy the $9.01 version.
Let me clarify why I put the word "caution" in the title. This company is offering a fleece oil filter for the Sprinter with a Mann part# which apparently applies to spark ignition MBenz automobiles. My point was- that not only is fleece NOT available(or appropriate) for diesel useage but the Mann part# listed is dimensionally incorrect for Sprinter use. My fear is that someone orders one of these, removes his old filter, throws it away, then discovers this filter is too short(or long-I don't recall which) and is then disabled until the correct filter part# is obtained. Andy

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