Added Acuva Eco LED UV 1.5 Water Purifier to Wayfarer

This weekend I added the Acuva Eco LED UV 1.5 Litre Water Purifier to my Tiffin Wayfarer. Using the code "RVGEEKS" I saved $100. It was a pretty easy install as the kit came with just about everything I needed. I installed it at my main sink. I spliced in their T / shutoff combo valve between the cold water shutoff valve and the cold water faucet connector by removing the 3" length of hose Tiffin used, replacing with some PEX line I bought at Ace Hardware. I also used smaller 17.5 PEX connectors meant for that tubing vs. the 18.5 Tiffin used on their thicker hose. Mounting the particle filter and the LED UV unit was pretty easy as I mounted it on the backside of my outside TV cabinet which sits behind the sink. The faucet was installed using a 3/4" bit into the counter next to the existing faucet. For power I elected to use the 12V unit and snaked some wire from the sink, under the floor pan of the shower, and into the propane furnace / spyder control / electrical cabinet. I found the main 12V switched terminal on the back of the Spyder control panel that is switched on and off by the battery switch at the door. Before connecting I added a 3A inline fuse.

In all a pretty easy install and now I have a reliable UV water filter that is low maintenance (no bulbs to burn out and replace--LED UV instead) and makes sure my cold water at the main sink is free from any microbial contaminants that could cause harm.


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