Bolting shelves to the interior


2003 T1N Passenger Van

Planning to attach some shelving to the interior of the van, and hope to leave the upholstered panels in place. Is there a schematic which reveals where the steel frame members are located, so I'll know where to drill. (perhaps a carpenter's stud-finder will work?)

I doubt sheet-metal screws would be adequate, can anyone recommend a threaded insert which is best for this application,?

Thanks for any advice.
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Find someone with a T1N cargo van without panels ... measure it.
The bodies didn't change from 2001 thru 2006.

--dick (whose 118" passenger van has the lower set exposed)

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A neodymium magnet might work as a stud finder for that application...

I prefer Plus Nuts and I think they may work better if you're trying to apply them thru the wallboard. Rivnuts have a very shallow "bite collar" (for lack of a better term).


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Rivnuts should not be applied so that they are clamping the wall panel to the sheetmetal. You will need to drill a larger hole in the wall panel, and a smaller hole in the metal for the rivnut. The large hole needs to accommodate the rivnut tool you choose.

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