Passenger door not unlocking


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Hi Guys.
I have recently bought my second sprinter. It is a 2008 318MWB high roof van. It is an upgrade from my previous 2005 model that had no electric locking options or electric windows.

I have had it two days now and can't seem to unlock the passenger door. All other doors open except the passenger. I have reset the key buttons by pressing the lock and unlock simultaneously hoping to reset it but it doesn't fix it.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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Here are the 2007 service documents for US (i.e. left hand drive) Sprinters.
I would suspect/hope that the door lock systems are functionally the same. <-- 2007 service manual <-- MB wiring diagrams (sect 8W of above) <-- 3rd party wiring diagrams

In the US Sprinters, the computer that handles the door locks is buried in the driver's (left) door, and the passenger lock is handled by wires that span the van. One of those wires (or a connector) could be broken/open/cut.

I would think that they'd put the computer in *your* driver's side door, since you have the more complicated buttons.



I had a similar issue with my rear doors a few months ago. I sprayed everything liberally with silicon spray and it started working again.

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