2003 Roadtrek 200 popular, side door won't open


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Hi All,

I have a 2003 Roadtrek 200 Popular. This model has a single side entrance door on the passenger side. The latch assembly seems to be malfunctioning. I cannot open the door from either the inside or outside. I have undone the inside panel so I can see in there, I cannot remove it completely because of the third seat. But I can see in and reach in good enough. I am frustrated with myself because I cannot seem to figure out how this simple mechanism is supposed to work. All the rods are connected and move fine, the lock moves and functions fine. Even though everything is moving as it should I can't figure out what is supposed to happen. I can't see any mechanism connected to the assembly that would unlatch the door. If anyone can offer any advice I would appreciate it. Or if anyone with the same model would be willing to take a picture of the latch when the door is open that would maybe be helpful.

Thanks Everyone.

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