Mercedes-Benz sprinter model 906 Datalink (DLC) Connector Power Wire.


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Mercedes-Benz sprinter model 906 Datalink (DLC) Connector power wire.

Recent inspection of my Data Link Connector revealed the red power wire, cavity 16, appears to have moved-dislodged.

I suspect this is the result of repeated use of aftermarket connectors with minute dimensional incongruities.

The scan gauge Data link connector is certainly a tight fit.

Also, I'm curious if this was related to a recent observation;

Opened the door to my dark Man Cave and noticed the Scan Gauge screen was illuminated but abruptly went dark. I did not notice any other lights in the vehicle. Kind of eerie, maybe my sprinter is self-aware?

This may be an excellent example where aftermarket tolerances are critical. Minute dimensional after market connector flaws could cause vehicle OBD data link connector pin-spring to dislodge-damaged?

Prior to performing any diagnostics, always inspect the Data Link Connector pin integrity.

To eliminate permanent alterations to accommodate the scan gauge connector and close the fuse cover. I removed the DLC from its original location and tucked it inside the cavity.



Adeptus Trollarium
Further inspection revealed no damage to scan gauge connector pins. Using a jeweler's flat blade screwdriver, I was able to push the terminal further into the cavity. I also zip tied the DLC wires to the connector for strain relief. TIP: Tighten zip ties, use twisting motion with needle nose pliers to roll and gradually walk the slack through the buckle, it makes a click.

Additionally, suggest purchase of grease and using a Q-tip, applly a small amount to the scan gauge connector pins and surrounding plastic contact areas. Remove excess with rag. Afterwords, connector was easier to install. Covered it with tape and tucked it into the cavity behind the fuse cover. Personalized the fuse the cover Lightning bolt.


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