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Hey, all - Relocating my home base from Fort Collins to Grand Junction with my partner, but still traveling half time in my DIY 2008 Freightliner 2500 Sprinter (170) and looking for some recommendations for routine maintenance around the western slope. I once heard whispers of someone good in Montrose, but can't remember who. Any recommendations welcome. Will likely make the drive to Linden for larger projects, but don't wanna haul over the I70 corridor for smaller stuff. Thanks!


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I’m down in telluride and I’ve never run across any sprinter people that mentioned a Montrose sprinter mechanic.
Not really many sprinters around here, but I’ve heard there are recent lots of sprinters in crested butte, so maybe someone there will chime in?

I drive to California for dealer service (and surfing) but would consider LinDen for sure if I were out of warranty.
I’ve heard good things about Warner freightliner in SLC for newer NCV3 dealer service.

Please report back if you do find anyone good around here.

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