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We are Sprinter Supplier, LLC located in Philadelphia, PA. We have 750+ parts from brand new Bosch Injectors, Mercedes original Radiator supports to aftermarket turn signal reflectors.

Visit us on eBay to review our extensive list of good feedback and assure yourself you are in the right part for aftermarket and original replacement parts.

Find us on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/sprintersupplier

Call us: 215-613-7708

Email us: sprintersupplier@gmail.com

Find and review us on Google: https://g.page/sprintersupplier/review

Our current and outdated website is: sprintersupplier.com

Our new website is being updated here we would appreciate your input and would like any/all feedback of how we can improve!

We will be uploading our catalog on Amazon as soon as we can.

Please feel free to reach out to us we will be happy to help get you back up and running!


Hi All,

We are very pleased to announce we have partnered with Keenan Mercedes Benz in Doylestown, PA to offer you the very best prices for Original Genuine Sprinter parts as well as Mercedes aftermarket.

To add to that we now have partners in Germany in www.dieseltechnic.com so feel free to reach out with any of your questions / needs.

We're only getting started :)

Find us on sprintersupplier.com
Call us at: 215 613 7708 we are super friendly


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beta website feedback ...
While testing your Search to see if it worked with part numbers (and it does :thumbup:), i fell across an odd instance where the same part is listed twice with two different prices.

Search on this Dodge number: 05103974AA and you'll see one hit at $18.88 and another at $17.99
(there's a third hit, but it's a fuzzy-search return of a similar (ends in 70AA) number... which is a nice feature:thumbup:)

Oddly enough, searching on the MB number (611 070 19 32) only gets one hit, the $17.99 item, even though the $18.88 hit displays that number (without spaces) too.

(i seem to be destined to find such holes ... A6110701932 (no spaces) was the first search i tried ... and it neatly revealed the hiccup when i tried the Dodge equivalent number)


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Has anyone purchased from these folks lately?

They have a good price on a couple of weird things I need (e.g. side markers), but when I went to check out, their website said that they couldn't currently accept payments. That could just be a simple technical problem, but a quick search turns up a lot of negative reviews (google and BBB) where people are saying they were scammed out of their money trying to buy face masks and gloves. Also, their website doesn't list a phone number or address, which seems strange.

Anyone have any insight?

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