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I've been around since before the Internet and so I do remember when posting pictures could be an issue when we were all on dial up and I remember "warning pic heavy" titles on forums so you didn't get sucked into a world of slow data pain.

However, I don't understand in the modern broadband 3/4/5g world why this forum has chosen to allow pics just as links rather than allowing them to be embedded.

I get restricting the number of pictures hosted on the server as that comes with costs associated but it seems odd to me that I can embed a YouTube video but not a photo.

There could well be reasons which I'm unaware of and I completely respect the owner's own choices but there are times, especially with build write ups, when I would personally prefer not to have to click away and then come back, and then forget how many picture links I'd clicked and end up seeing the same pic twice or missing one.

So, for what it's worth, this is one vote for allowing the embedding of linked images on the forum.

I think it would make for a better experience for people.

Just my 2c


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi

I can always see embedded pictures in threads so think you may need your settings changing.

Try going into User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Options, then under 'Thread Display Options' see if 'Show Images...' is checked.

Mine is checked!



...umm... I feel a bit silly now..

Thanks Keith. User error corrected.

Images showing now that I've followed your suggestion.

Nothing to see here, move along.... :bounce:

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