Advance Notice: Westy for Sake


I’ve decided to sell the Westy. It’s been a wonderful conveyance and has treated us very well. There’s still nothing comparable in this market but it’s just not getting enough use and, as I edge toward 70, I need to simplify my life. It needs a few minor repairs that I’ll work to complete over the next 30 days, but everything major works fine. Body, chassis and engine are in great shape. 93,000 well-tended miles. I’ll post details as I get closer to actually posting it for sale.

The reason I raise the issue now is that there might be someone ought there who is willing to do the nit-picky tinkering it needs to be perfect and can save me the effort in exchange for a price break.

Located in Upstate NY.

PM me or respond in this forum if you have any interest.

Bill Howard


Anthony P
Hi Bill,
I currently have a 1987 VW Westy Camper, and am looking to upgrade and purchase a 2004/2005 Airstream Westfalia.

I live in Nazareth, PA and would be willing to take a ride up to NY State to look at your RV this coming weekend.

Please feel free to call me at your convenience to discuss condition & price of your Sprinter Westfalia.

I am a motivated no hassle / no drama / no excuses buyer ..
And I don't have a Wife, so don't need to ask her permission first :) haha!

Nazareth, PA
484-894-5648 (cell) (email)


Hi Bill,
And I don't have a Wife, so don't need to ask her permission first :) haha!
Haha! Three years into marriage and I'm still learning the ask permission part the hard way :laughing: I love my wife I love my wife...
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Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest; as of today four people have inquired. The first person who contacted me is still actively interested and coming to look at it next week. I’ll update this thread with a status after he and I meet.

Bill H

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