New 2019 144 in low roof 4500 Series Data Card


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Here's the Full OEM Data Card for the 4500 (Dusseldorf Build) reported on the VS30
This is iin the latest MB Int'l Vehicles Database format:

Data card
- WD39076531P051027
Vehicle identification number (VIN): WD39076531P051027 Body type: 3 Order number: 7974052027 Production number: 6426206 Production plant: P0650 Shipment date: 11.08.18 Engine 64289942166554 Transmission 72290204149108 Rear axle 1 741456G860007
Major assemblies
Major assembly number Variant Object number Engine 64289942166554 A6420109511 Transmission 72290204149108 A9072701400 Rear axle 1 741456G860007 X004071113 A9073500300
Codes Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG Code Designation 740L No code designations currently available 9040 Paint, deep black MB 9040 A50 Front axle with increased load capacity AR3 Axle ratio i = 4,182 BH1 HOLD function BH7 No code designations currently available BK6 No code designations currently available C6L Multifunction steering wheel
C907 No code designations currently available
CB8 Stabilisation level II
CL1 Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
D50 Full-length partition
E07 Hill-Start Assist
E1U 5 V USB socket
E30 Battery main switch single-pole
E3J Preinstallation for switch panel
E40 Trailer socket, 7-pin
ED1 AGM battery 12 V 70 Ah
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Code Designation
ED8 Preinstallations electrical system, PSM
EK1 Terminal strip for electrical connection
ES0 Starting aid contact
EY5 Mercedes-Benz emergency call system
EY6 Breakdown management
F68 Exterior mirror heated and electr. adjustable
F907 No code designations currently available
FF5 Shelf above windscreen
FG8 Cup holders front
FI1 Remote control key system frequency 315 MHz
FJ4 Stowage compartment under cockpit
FJ6 Central area with 2 DIN stowage comp. + air vents
FKA Panel van
FR3 Reversing camera inside rearview mirror display
G42 7G-TRONIC Plus
H21 Heat-insulating glass filter on windscreen
HH2 Electric warm air auxiliary heater
HH9 TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning
IC1 No code designations currently available
IE0 No code designations currently available
IG4 Standard
IG5 Basic
IK0 Complete vehicle
IL5 Left-hand drive
IR4 Wheelbase 3665 mm
IT5 5.0 tonner
J11 Speedometer (mph and km/h)
J55 Seat belt warning system for front passenger seat
J58 Seat belt warning for driver's seat
J65 Outside temperature display
JA8 Crosswind Assist
JH3 Communication module (LTE) for digital services
JI9 Starting distance for maintenance interval 20,000 miles
K56 Filler cap, diesel, in red
K60 Exhaust straight to chassis rear
KB7 Main tank, 93 litres
Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG
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Code Designation
KL1 Sender uni (fuel) for auxiliary heater
KL5 Fuel filter with water separator
KP6 SCR Generation 3 exhaust gas cleaning
L No code designations currently available
L65 Interior light(s), load/pass. comp. wi. door cont.
L94 Omission parking lamp
LA2 Headlamp Assist
LB5 3rd Brake light
LX7 North and South America
M46 Alternator 14 V/220 A
MG5 Engine OM 642 DE 30 LA 140 kW (190 hp) 3800 rpm
MH8 Motor schadstoffarm SULEV
MS1 Cruise control
P47 Front mud flaps
P48 Mud flaps, rear
Q11 Longitudinal member reinforcement
R65 Spare wheel bracket below frame end
R87 Spare wheel
RF1 Make of tyres Continental (10)
RH7 Tyres LT 215/85 R16
RM0 All-season tires
RS6 Steel rims 5,5 J x 16
RX5 No code designations currently available
S02 Driver's seat
S04 Adjustable co-driver's seat
S22 Armrest for driver's seat
S25 Armrest for co-driver's seat
SA5 Airbag, front driver's seat
SA6 Airbag, co-driver
SH1 Thorax/pelvis side-impact airbag, driver
SH2 Thorax/pelvis side-impact airbag, front passenger
SH9 Windowbags for driver and front passenger
SK2 Seat occupancy recognition, driver's seat
T16 Sliding door right
T77 Grab handle, at load compartment sliding door on partition
V94 Cable duct on side wall
Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG
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SAA numbers
Code Designation
V95 Cable duct on rear portal
VA3 Interior trim, cargo bay to roof height, washable
VF7 Fabric Maturin black
WB9 Control code plant
WD8 Control code plant
WM5 Control code plant
WV0 Control code plant
X64 Signs/block characters, English (US)
XC8 VIN visible from outside
XL4 Weight variant 5.500 kg
XQ1 VIN encoded vehicle data with check digit
XY9 Model year 9
XZ0 Model generation 0
Y43 Hydraulic jack
Z44 Registration of vehicle not possible in EU
Z4V Production in Düsseldorf
Z90 Deletion, underfloor preservation
ZB6 Production parts kit
ZM0 Panel van
ZU8 National version for USA
ZZ4 Brand content Mercedes-Benz, North America
Number Designation Quantity
50400032 1
50400890 1
50400972 1
50401058 1
50401139 1
50401608 1
50401610 1
50402261 1
50423107 1
50423270 1
50423413 1
50440817 1
Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG
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VPD data
Number Designation Quantity
50440818 1
T6900184 1
T6900185 1
VPD ID Designation Contents
00011 118310FS06406426206 48221 8633
00012 907460980100201181030008610201
00030 0019828208013318300091 (Batterie aus W065)
00054 0E00
00075 000000
00081 KMBXD03.0HD2
10003 C12BD5E6311C
10004 BF2BD5E62D69
10006 00086058019116261829301455
10007 9078601200281828601244
10014 C12C58C02D47
10015 C12C58C02505
10037 9104300400301829901796
10050 9078601400201830206887
10051 9078601500201828802316
10167 90790513021530303038333733363238
10214 900007358435603213012301
10251 1828835717FAJ8242D0109A9074900200MB58091012
10252 1829859789TZN4ZX1E700FA9064902614MB50481454
10291 700006665505803213012301
10293 200007993418601013012301
10316 91090524000001591090524001518101800562
10327 1810221194
10328 1810221204
Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG
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Tire data
!Werksseitige Hinterachsennummer 1:
!Werksseitige Hinterachsensachnummer 1:
!Werksseitige Motornummer: 64289942166554 !Werksseitige Motorsachnummer: A6420109511 !Werksseitige Getriebenummer: 72290204149108 !Werksseitige Getriebesachnummer: A9072701400
VPD ID Designation Contents
10363 18102212041810221204
10474 2139014711000151810290000101283
11077 A90741043001830300488101004010043563
11115 A907460500000000068Z005Q00318183050001058
11198 A907460400000000003Z003Q00401183050000784
20002 w47aa05t49stvm2sap49
30043 9109052400110001
30112 0009053009290035
30113 0009053009290035
30151 9079054806110002
30169 00090530092900350009053009290035
40112 051128AD
40113 051128AD
40119 9E9076F1
40169 051128AD051128AD
Use Code Additional paint information Designation
Paintwork 1 9040
Tires Contents
Tire 1 RF1
Copyright 2019-06-16 Daimler AG
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Interesting: wired for the PSM (pre-install), but no PSM.
Hence you're given the EK1

(rumor in another thread said that having a PSM precluded the EK1)


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