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Well, I ordered a replacement part for my Genturi. After researching the proper part number with Camco I was told to order the part with Camping World special order department. As it turns out there are no pictures of the part I needed or the part I ordered. I placed the order with the wrong part number. As expected the part (tube section) without the proper reducer that is needed was sent (upper tube instead of the middle tube I needed).

I proceeded to contact Camco to ask for a reducer to be shipped to me. Five minutes later I received a call from Georgia (I assume another Camco location or the manufacturer of the Genturi) who was far from friendly and told me he would not ship a reducer under any circumstances, "you ordered the wrong part" call Camping World. Certainly not a customer service oriented person.

Camping World to the rescue! I called the same special order department and explained the situation. She contacted Camco and basically got the same response, imagine that. After a few emails Camping World shipped me via FedEx the correct part.

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