Key doesn't go in the rear door lock

....No, I didn't ask.

Per a post in another thread, I stuck a jig saw blade with WD40 in the lock and it pulled the small part out (lower part in photo) leaving the rest of the cylinder inside (upper part in photo). There was a lot of corrosion inside. I scraped out what I could. The key went through the main key hole as I believe it already did but it hit a road block at the cylinder part (upper part in photo) which has corrosion in it at least. Did the small part break off or is it supposed to come out like that? Pulling the small part out exposed two springs.

I did some more digging and scraping and a couple tumblers (?) came out...very corroded. (Photo 2) I can get the key in almost all the way but not quite. I guess there is still no way to get the whole cylinder out without the key going all the way in and of course the tumblers missing.


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From the look or the wafer you extracted . I would say the cyl is all but shot . More then likely one or more wafers could be split & rusted into the housing . Cut bait get a new one & have it keyed .
Drilling twisted it out of the plastic holder but the back end of the cylinder is still soldily affixed to the back end of the plastic holder. Something is holding on to it real good. Perhaps I need to drill out that metal piece on the back end but I don't have hard steel drill bits.
I give up. :idunno:


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Aftermarket cylinders can be purchased. With a bit of knowledge/talent/patience a replacement cylinder catch swap around latches/wafers to match the OEM key. If a couple are missing to make the key work, it has minimal affect on security overall.

Door handles.

Some come with keys. No reviews on most of those.

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