2007 3500 Transmission slipping


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The more I read, the more confused I am about what transmission I have. One place tells me I have a W5J400, another tells me I have a W5A580 and yet another says it’s a W5A330. A vin search tells me I have a 722.6 (ya think?). I can find no data plate on the transmission. The housing is stamped “Mercedes Benz R901 271 00 01” which is just a housing number.
My story; I bought this 2007 Dodge Sprinter Truck 3500 3.0l Diesel at an insurance auction online as running. I had it picked up and hauled in to discover the transmission is slipping. If you reeve it up, it will move itself in forward and reverse. (I only did that enough to get it off of the road where the transporter unloaded it.) The transporter said it almost loaded itself on the trailer, but the first slight up slope I came to stopped me.
I’ve rebuilt a couple of transmissions before with success and don’t mind tackling this job since it appears I have to. Before I start, I need to know what I’m doing so I’m calling out for your expertise as I’m only a shade tree mechanic forced to work on my own stuff because I’m tightly budgeted.
The connector looks damp, but not dripping. I can’t get to the TCM module as I’m having a hard time finding it. It appears to be under a plate under the passenger seat frame which looks like I have to take the frame out to gain access to the plate. I know checking the TCM and fluid level should have been done before asking for advice, but I doubt it would have been sold through an auction should it have just needed fluid. There are signs of troubleshooting such as electrical plate covers removed and such so I think anything easy would have been gone through.
My guess is the valve body or torque converter because it slips in all gears. I’m hoping valve body as I can pull that without pulling the transmission and I’ve found a lot of videos on doing it. My questions are what type of transmission do I have and does it sound logical to take it apart and clean it or start with a fluid filter change and take it apart if that doesn’t work? I have not checked the level yet, but will before I do anything else. I just have to get back over to where it’s stored before I can do so and that might be a few days. I’ll include my codes. Thank you.

2783 Torque converter lock up excessive power consumption.
0730 Transmission ratio
0731 Transmission Slipping
2784 Speed sensor Comparison
C103 Incorrect message from the control unit
0219 Engine over reeving
D40A Right front speed sensor
D409 Left front speed sensor

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