front end tie rod question


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took my 06 sprinter 2500 to have it aligned and the guy said that the inner tie rod was bad. dealer said the part came with the rack and would cost 1500... ive done some searching and found some inner tierods for the truck and cost is 63 to 120 us$. the guy showed me and it moved quite a bit....

my question is, is this a hard job to do and what will i need to do the job?
should i change both to save me from doing this all over again?

any help will be appreciated... thanks

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So what is he actuality saying the rack is faulty, and the tie rods are no answer? which one bushings or ball joints 1500 to replace seems to be indicative as to he has no clue and wants to replace the lot.
I'd ask another dealership for a thorough suspension report


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i went to the parts dept and asked for an inner right tie rod and they told me it came with the rack and cost 1500 and that was the only way to get it.. i didnt have them look at it. i work on my sprinter and will not let dealers touch it... they ripped me off several times...

what about aftermarket tierods for my sprinter? could anybody suggest a good manufacture or a part# for the inner tie rod? and how hard are they to change out?


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Not long had both my tie rods replaced for the annual test. Cost: £88 ($140) plus tax. Don't know how long it took him to do the job as he did various other bits as well, but I doubt it was very long. He did say that it was good that they came off the rack as a new rack is big money, as you've found out!.


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